Due to the unprecedented situation with Covid-19 our Trip July 10th-12th is CANCELED.

And it’s been requested that Boreal people do not travel to Moon River as individuals or small groups during the July 10th-12thweekend.

If Ontario Public Health restriction open up to allow gatherings like ours to proceed, we have the following date in mind and hope to find a way to make a beautiful outdoor gathering a 2020 reality.

  • August 21st - 23rd
  • September 18th – 20th
  • October 2nd-4th 2020

Emails have been sent to all ticket buyers outlining the automatic refund process which may take us a few weeks to manage.

Please note:
- Keeping your ticket for the next Boreal is not an option.
- If you bought a ticket 2nd hand or through a friend YOU will need to deal with that person to retrieve your funds as it is they who will get the refund.

With so much uncertainty in these times we like so many in “the industry of fun”are in a difficult spot. We very much look to a bright future with you and we truly wish you the best and ask you to do all you can to find and bring peace and calm to yourself and those around you.

Justin Martin
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Boreal is a group camping trip with a major twist departing from Toronto Ontario, Canada.

From Toronto we travel north, together as a group in buses, to a beautiful river in Muskoka. Upon arrival we paddle canoes upstream to a magnificent, secluded camping site and build the weekend around a fantastic Saturday night DJ party. It's a magical weekend of swimming in rapids, dancing around fire and enjoying the natural surroundings with good food and friends and music.

Our destination is part of the Canadian Shield, the oldest rock on the face of the Earth and is a totally undeveloped area of hardwood forest with a rocky shore on river's edge, waterfalls and rapids. It's a lush area with wild life including moose, beaver, turtle, snakes and fox along with endangers or at risk species, the Five-Lined Skink (Ontario's only native species of lizard), the venomous Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake and Bald Eagles. It's truly the perfect spots with magnificent swimming and camping and is a place we will all respect for its wild majestic beauty.

Each year great enjoyment is derived from the many new people joining the trip and meeting on the bus for the first time. Throughout the trip we all get to know each other, and by the end of the weekend someone would think we've all know each other for years. This is what makes Boreal so special and is what it's all about; "Bringing likeminded people together in the out of doors creating a shared experiences that build great bonds that last" and we're sure you will love it.

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Task Groups:

everyone is expected to sign up and follow through on a task for the weekend. It's very important and is the only way the trip can function. Things like food preparation, outhouse construction, fire wood collection and clean-up are at the top but here is the full list.


Loose Itinerary of the Weekend:


  • 1:00PM Depart together by bus from Toronto's Keele Subway Station's parking lot. This is fundamentally the most important part of what makes Boreal so special, we ALL come together, and we ALL leave together.
  • 3:00PM Arrive at the river and paddle 1-1.5 hours to our site.
  • 4:30PM Set up site, including tents, kitchen, outhouse and fire.
  • 7:00PM Eat dinner, build camp fire, stargaze, relax and explore.


  • Canoeing, hiking, swimming, sunbathing and everything you want to do under the sun and in the late afternoon begins an evening of music, fire and stars with meals prepared by all of us task group volunteers and served approximately at noon and 7PM.


  • 12:00PM Eat brunch, pack up personal camp sites and load canoes.
  • 1:00PM Begin clean-up garbage (everywhere), pack down kitchen, sound system and load it all into the boat.
  • 3:00PMEVERYONE in canoes leaving site completely clean.
  • 3:30PM Stop for group photo at big rock at the narrows and be sure to wait and follow Justin back to the bus pick up point. (please do not go ahead of Justin as we will be on private property)


Here's a list of what to bring and not to bring. Remember this is a canoe trip not a car camping trip and often less is more so please consider carefully what your bringing over and above this list and remember its three people and their gear per canoe so space is tight. There is a small portage on this trip, so please pack accordingly.


  • minimum 8 liters of water
  • all drinks (including coffee and stove to heat it, should you so desire)
  • warm clothing (be prepared)
  • bathing suit
  • towel
  • rain gear
  • camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad etc...)
  • flashlight
  • bug spray
  • sun tan lotion
  • cup, plate, eating utensils
  • pillow case to stuff clothing into at night to make a pillow
  • if you need meat, bring it and the cooking equipment to prepare it. All meals are vegetarian.


  • glass containers of any kind (THEY HURT)
  • non biodegradable soaps, tooth past, hair care shit
  • anything you can't carry (PACK LIGHT)


Most Biodegradable soaps lead you to believe that you can put their products straight into the river. This is NOT true! Biodegradable soaps and hygiene products are safe for the environment but only if dumped on land so they have the short time needed to biodegrade before entering the water where fish and other life forms live and breathe. With 175 people in this one small place it is very important to use these products safely, which means keeping them out of the water.



We ask everyone attending each trip to take a few moments to register.

Use the online form provided here (when registration opens) to complete your registration.

Registration simply means we know who you are and how to reach you (email and/or phone contact) once you've purchased a membership. It's really important that we know who's coming so we can stay in touch about important updates and keep the departure from Toronto moving as smoothly as possible.

We collect your contact information for each trip only, and will neither keep nor share your info for any other reason whatsoever.

Once registered, you will be asked to sign up for a Task Group.

Boreal Online Sample

Task Groups

Everyone needs to participate in camp maintenance in order for Boreal to be a success. In order to put some order into the many tasks that need attention we ask that you sign up to a task group. This will not only create unification within the group, but will also help to maximize each individual's recreation time.

Task group signup occurs after successfully registering for the trip.

Task groups are responsible for:


  • Kitchen set up as soon as we arrive
  • Outhouse construction as soon as we arrive
  • Firewood collection very soon after we arrive
  • Dinner very soon after we arrive


  • Brunch @ 10:00AM
  • Sound set up @ 3:00PM
  • Dinner @ 5:00PM


  • Brunch @ 11:00AM
  • Clean up @ 3:00PM **we leave no trace**


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